Q- How long does it take for my order to ship?

A- All in stock item orders ship within 1-2 business days

Q- What material are your items made of?

A- Item information can be found in the product's description.

Q-What is Gold Vermeil?  (pronounced Ver-may)

      A-Vermeil is a high-quality form of gold plating in which a thick layer of gold is coated upon sterling silver.  This is the type of gold material that uses .925 silver base. Vermeil requires at least 10 karats of gold in its plating.  Vermeil can be 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k.  

Excellent, if you have allergies to metals because sterling silver is usually a pure metal.  Vermeil is far more durable than gold plated options and can also last for years.  Since gold vermeil is required in the United States, and other countries, to meet certain qualifications for its production, gold vermeil in particular could be better than simple gold plated jewelry. If you are concerned about the purity of gold in your jewelry, gold vermeil is guaranteed to have a percentage of pure gold in its mixture.

Gold vermeil is better than gold plated jewelry if you are looking to purchase an item with more gold thickness.  Gold vermeil is one of the most unique gold materials found in jewelry because it combines both .925 sterling silver and real gold. This makes a high quality durable piece of jewelry at an affordable cost. 

Q-What is the difference between Gold Plated, Gold Filled and Gold Vermeil?

      A-Gold Filled and Gold Plated use a base metal such as copper, where as vermeil uses sterling silver a the base metal, so it is hypo allergenic for all skin types.   

Q-What is moissanite?

      A. Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral called silicon carbide, which is               very rare.  It is unable to be found large enough to cut into a 1 carat                       gemstone

      --Some general facts about moissanite: 

         • Has the closest physical properties to natural diamond

          • Very similar to natural diamond in apperance

           • The best alternative to natural diamond

           • More sparkling than diamond



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